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Sevenoaks District Community Plan Consultation Survey
September 17,2018

You Me & Dementia: Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks 3 Novemeber
September 12,2018

Rogue Traders and Bogus Callers
August 12, 2018

Bogus Callers & Rogue Traders

Sevenoaks District Community Safety Partnership’s CSU based at the Council Offices and are working together with Police, KCC Trading Services, KCC Community Wardens, Housing Associations and Nat West Bank to educate and protect all residents from bogus callers and rogue traders.  We will be looking at further education within the community, schools and local groups.  We will be identifying traits of traders who are online as well as visiting homes within the District.

We have an action plan and have received funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner and match funded by Sevenoaks District Council to help deliver these actions to help residents against all types of fraud.  For more information please e-mail us community.safety@sevenoaks.gov.uk or call 01732 227000.  Below is advice from Kent Police and Action Fraud.

Bogus Callers

Most people who call at your home will be genuine. But sometimes people can try to trick their way into your home to steal your valuables and money. They are known as 'distraction burglars' or 'bogus callers'.

Are you expecting anyone?

Be cautious; people from water, gas and electric companies rarely visit without appointments. If there's a real emergency, police and fire-fighters are likely to be there.  On rare occasions, people may pose as members of the emergency services or armed forces to gain access to someone's home. If you're unsure, follow the tips below.

Rogue Traders

A rogue trader is someone who comes to your house without invitation (cold calling), offering services or goods and overcharging for them. 

This includes overcharging for unnecessary work, damaging property deliberately to get money, leaving work unfinished and intimidating someone to get money.

Sign up to Kent Trading Standard's email alert system at www.kent.gov.uk to receive rogue trader and fraud updates direct to your inbox.

Remember traders must give you written notice of your right to 14 days cancellation when agreeing to do work at your home, including work gained from a cold call

If in doubt, don’t agree to services or goods from doorstep callers. Go to www.kentpolice.uk for their top tips.

Online Fraud

Cyber crime is any criminal act dealing with computers and networks (called hacking). Additionally, cyber crime also includes traditional crimes conducted through the Internet.  Some fraudsters rely on the internet to commit their crimes. Learn about some different types of internet frauds that and how to protect yourself and get safe online.  Online frauds can include:

To find out more on all the fraud/scam types or to report a fraud go to Action Fraud www.actionfraud.police.uk

Kent Police: How to Report Crime
August 08, 2018

Information on the various ways you can report crime to Kent Police and follow them on social media can be found here 

More drop-in sessions arranged for Local Plan consultations
August 06, 2018

Three more drop-in sessions are planned for August where residents can find out more about the draft Local Plan.

The Local Plan is an important planning policy that says what can be built and where and what should be protected up to 2035 and includes the Government’s requirement to provide new homes.

At the drop in sessions, residents can find out about proposals for new homes in their area, improved town centres and new facilities, including schools and medical centres.

The additional drop-in sessions are taking place at the following locations:
• Eynsford Village Hall (DA4 0AA) - Monday 13 August, 5pm to 8pm
• Halstead Pavilion (Recreation Ground, Station Road TN14 7DH) Monday 13 August, 5.30pm to 7.30pm
• Halstead Pavilion (Recreation Ground, Station Road TN14 7DH), Thursday 16 August, 10am to 2pm.

The other remaining drop-in sessions are taking place at these locations:
• Waitrose in Edenbridge (TN8 5LN) – Tuesday 14 August, 2pm to 8pm
• Swanley Link (BR8 7AE) – Wednesday 29 August, 2pm to 8pm
• Sevenoaks District Council (TN13 1HG) – Wednesday 5 September, 2pm to 8pm

Residents can also view the draft Local Plan, and use an interactive map to see what is proposed near them, by visiting www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/draftlocalplan.

Cllr Robert Piper, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning, says: “The new Local Plan is really important - it gives us a once in a generation opportunity to improve retail and local infrastructure and provide new schools, medical facilities and much needed new homes for our children and grandchildren in the years to come.

“We’re keen to hear what everyone thinks – whether they support the proposals for new homes or if they have comments on the possible sites for new developments.

“I would urge residents to read the Plan and make their views known before the consultation closes on 10 September.”

Local Plan background

The Local Plan includes proposals to meet the Government requirement to provide nearly 14,000 homes between 2015 and 2035 to meet local need.

The Local Plan prioritises land that has already been built, but to meet the Government requirements, it includes some green-field sites in the Green Belt. Despite the pressure for new homes, the draft Local Plan proposes to protect more than 99% of the District’s Green Belt and the rural nature of the District.

The Council will publish a final version of the Plan later this year, taking account of the comments from the consultation. This version of the Local Plan will be submitted to the Government and considered by the Planning Inspector at a public examination in 2019 when there will be another opportunity for residents to raise further comments.

If approved by the Government, the Local Plan could be adopted and used by the Council later in 2019.

Save the date to defibrillate with free training event
August 06, 2018

Residents across the Sevenoaks District will have the opportunity to become life-saving experts with a free training event that offers defibrillator and first aid training. 

The training session has been organised by Sevenoaks District Council and will take place on Saturday 29 September at 9.30am at the Council offices on Argyle Road, Sevenoaks.


The session will be delivered by Sevenoaks Community First Responders who provide basic everyday first aid training on CPR, choking, allergic reactions and diabetic emergencies

The training also covers how to use Automated External Defibrillator, with around 60 of these installed across the District.


Cllr Michelle Lowe, Sevenoaks Cabinet Member for Health and Leisure, says: “Ultimately, this training could save a life. Cardiac arrest is a leading killer in the UK so it is vital that more people are trained because you never know when you or someone you love will need it”.


Places can be reserved free of charge by calling Sevenoaks District Council 01732 227000 or by emailing healthyliving@sevenoaks.gov.uk


It is advised that residents make sure they can commit to the day before reserving due to limited places. Residents will be charged a cancellation fee of £30 if they book and do not attend.


Residents can find the locations of their nearest defibrillator by going to www.heartsafe.org.uk

Planning Inspector protects Vine Waste for future generations
July 31, 2018

The Government Planning Inspectorate has ruled out any form of development on the Vine Waste in Sevenoaks, giving the land greater protection in the future.

Sevenoaks District Council had considered using the Sevenoaks Town Council owned site for temporary parking during the decking of the Buckhurst 2 Car Park. It was one of a number of sites under consideration as it is used extensively throughout the summer for parking in connection with cricket and other events at the Vine.

However, after local residents had expressed concerns about the possible use of the Vine Waste as a temporary car park during building works, Sevenoaks District Council found alternative parking for its Buckhurst 2 customers at the end of last year. This included the Morewood temporary car park by Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court and running a subsidised bus service into town.

As the site is a public common, the Planning Inspector had to consider if the Vine Waste could be used for temporary parking.

The Planning Inspector, in their judgement, said that whilst the Vine Waste was used for parking in connection with events, Sevenoaks District Council had already found alternative parking for Buckhurst 2 customers so it was no longer required and the works would not improve commons for the wider community.

The Council's clean, green parking machine
July 29, 2018

Sevenoaks District Council is helping the District to go green after it bought its first electric vehicle.?

Sevenoaks District Council is helping the District to go green after it bought its first electric vehicle.

The Council has invested in a BMW i3 for its Parking Wardens. It’s the authority’s first ever electric car and boasts zero emissions as well as being cheaper to run.

Cllr Matthew Dickins, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Direct and Trading Services, says: “Sevenoaks District Council is going electric for a cleaner greener future. It’s much better for the environment than its diesel predecessor and benefits from lower running costs, costing less than a fiver for a ‘full tank’.

“This is joining our electric bicycles which help improve not just air quality but congestion and health too, easing our staff from four wheels to two. It’s a healthier way to travel and a popular choice for Council officers attending meetings around the town.”

As part of the Council’s green thinking, it has also been plugging away on a rollout of electric charging points, which are already available in the recently decked Bradbourne Car Park. The new Buckhurst 2 Car Park will have them too when it reopens early in 2019.

Parking Warden Bob Purssord and Cllr Matthew Dickins

Residents asked to comment on proposed changes to Council Tax Support scheme
July 24, 2018

Local people are being asked for their views on proposed changes to the Council Tax Support scheme that helps working age people on low incomes to pay their Council Tax. 

From April, the Council is recommending a number of changes to simplify the scheme for all working age claimants as part of its preparations for the introduction of Universal Credit Full Service across the District. 

The changes would make the scheme easier for claimants to understand as well as helping to simplify the application process. It would also be cheaper for the Council to administer and therefore more cost efficient than the current scheme. 

The Council is not proposing to reduce the amount it currently spends on its Council Tax Reduction. 

Sevenoaks District Council is keen to hear the views of its residents and organisations before it takes a final decision in late November and is running a short survey from Monday 23 July to Sunday 16 September 2018. 

The survey is available at www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/ctsurvey or by calling the Council on 01732 227000 to request a paper copy of the survey. 

Cllr John Scholey, Sevenoaks District Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance, says: “The introduction of Universal Credit in the District from November will bring a number of challenges for the Council. We are therefore proposing to make changes to our Council Tax Support scheme to make it easier for claimants to understand as well as making the scheme easier for our staff to administer.”

Get into Gear this Summer with Free Cycle Rides
July 02, 2018

Free, professionally-led cycle rides return the Sevenoaks District this summer. 
The Sevenoaks District Council organised rides are aimed at people who may be new to cycling or have not been on a bike in a while or just lack confidence. They are also open to all, especially families with small children. 

Rides are taking place in ‘spoketacular’ Knole Park offering a 90 minute, gentle paced ride with breaks and traffic free paths in the stunning ancient deer park and at the world famous Brands Hatch racing track providing an opportunity to ride on the renowned racing circuit that hosted Formula 1 racing.

Rides take place on the following days: 

Sunday 22 July, 10.30am – Knole Park 
Sunday 12 August, 10.30am – Knole Park 
Tuesday 28 August, 10.30am – Brands Hatch 
Tuesday 28 August, 2pm – Brands Hatch 
Wednesday 29 August, 10.30am – Brands Hatch 
Wednesday 29 August, 2pm – Brands Hatch 
Sunday 2 September, 10.30am – Knole 
Sunday 16 September, 10.30am – Knole 

Places must be booked in advance by calling the Council on 01732 227000 or emailing communities@sevenoaks.gov.uk 

Cllr Michelle Lowe, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, says: “These rides were so popular last summer we just had to bring them back again this year. Cycling with others is not only great for physical health, but exercise and meeting new people is also good for mental health. 

“Knole Park provides beautiful scenery to be enjoyed on the rides and cycling on the world famous Brands Hatch for free is always incredibly popular so residents better get off the mark quick to book their place.”