Hextable Parish Council

Parish Complex - Your Views


We Want Your Views

Hextable Parish Council wants to know what you think about the future of the Parish Complex. This is land that we own and we are seeking views as to what residents would like to see happen with it.

We would like residents of the village to give their views on one of five options so we can understand what the collective opinions of the community are before we do anything.

The vote will be open until the 1st October 2018.  Please bring your completed questionnaire to the ballot box in the Parish office.  Remember, for your vote to count, please provide your name and road.

The proposals can be viewed below:

Proposal 1 Heritage Centre Retained
Proposal 2 Heritage Centre Retained
Proposal 3 Heritage Centre Retained
Proposal 4 Heritage Centre Relocated

           Proposal 5 Leave things as they are

The questionnaire for voting and giving your views can be downloaded here.