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Hextable Parish Council - Future of the Parish Complex

It is well known that the parish council has been considering options for the future of the Parish Complex.  The developed site, off Dawson Drive contains four buildings that the parish own, each with different uses and merits.     

The parish council has a duty to ensure that the best use is made of the assets we own, and to consider how the community can benefit from the facilities we have, whilst minimising the financial burden on the tax payer.  

Our recent consultation with residents on some initial ideas for the future of the site, formed the very early stages of this consideration.  The feedback from this exercise will give us some valuable indication as to what the council may decide to do in the future.  The Parish Complex site, and all the council-owned facilities, belong collectively to the community, but the Parish Council manage these on behalf of our residents.  It is therefore essential that we use the feedback to help us in our future decisions.  

It is important to us to ensure that in considering what ever we may do on the Complex site, is of maximum benefit for as many of our residents and user groups as we can, and that there is alternative provision in the community to provide for any users of the existing facilities who may be displaced.  Part of our ambition to improve, and provide sustainable facilities includes the reinvestment of any funds received in the replacement of a permanent pavilion in the park for the many youngsters that use the current dilapidated building.  

The independent research company managing the feedback are working through the responses, and are are on programme to publish their report to be made available for members to review at full council in November, before we make this report available to residents.  

At the last meeting of the council, we resolved to ask our independent research company to compile the report (to be brought to the next council meeting) and for it to be provided to the new elected members of the council in May 2019 when options can be decided.  This will be published on our website early December for the community to review ahead of the new council that will be formed in May 2019. 

Domestic Abuse Volunteer Support Services: Volunteers Needed
Nov 08,2018

Major gas works UPDATE: Main Road, Hextable
October 31,2018

While carrying out phase one of gas works some engineering difficulties caused some delays. As such they were not completed this within the planned timeframe.

SGN moved on to phase two in College Road as planned, however when they attempted to carry out this phase they experienced further engineering difficulties that meant they could not complete the work. They are now consulting with Kent County Council to re-plan this phase.

SGN engineers are currently working in Nutley Close, they are expect to finish by 30 October. From Wednesday 31 October they will move to phase three of the project, in St David’s Road at its junction with Top Dartford Road. To ensure everyone’s safety, they need to install temporary multi-way traffic lights at this junction while they carry out the work. They expect to complete this phase by Monday 5 November.

From Monday 5 November they will return to Main Road to complete phase one of the project. To ensure everyone’s safety and maintain two-way traffic flow they need to install temporary multi-way traffic lights around the work area that will move as they progress along Main Road. They may need to temporarily close Egerton Avenue at its junction with Main Road when they are working at this junction, however they are hoping this won’t be required and can maintain access using temporary traffic lights. SGN expect to complete the work on Main Road by Friday 7 December.

SGN will continue to work, Mon-Fri between 8am and 5pm and Saturdays between 8am and 1pm.

All businesses in the local area will remain open as usual. There will be a compensation scheme in place for small local businesses which suffer a genuine loss of trade because of the work. Packs are available from sgn.co.uk, via the Publications section.

We understand that people can get frustrated by roadworks. However, the new plastic pipe has a minimum lifespan of 80 years. This means that when the work is complete, Hextable businesses and residents will continue to enjoy the benefits of a safe and reliable gas supply for years to come.

Further information and updates can be found on the dedicated project page at:


Temporary Road Closure: Egerton Avenue, Hextable from 19 November 2018 for up to 2 weeks
October 29,2018

The road will be closed at the junction with B258 Main Road. 

The alternative route is via B258 Main Road, College Road and vice versa.

The closure is to enable gas mains replacement works to be carried out by SGN.

For details of roadworks, please see www.roadworks.org

Remembrance Service:11th November 10.50am (doors open 10.30am) @ Memorial Hall, Five Wents, Main Road, Hextable
October 09,2018



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Feb 04,2018


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