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Public Enquiry into proposed Town Centre Development

The Parish Council wish to make sure that every resident in Hextable is aware of the important public inquiry for the redevelopment of Swanley Town Centre by the developer U & I, it will affect Hextbale residents.

The plans consist of creating additional 303 residential apartments with retail units on the ground floor, all built over teh existing car parks. This includes an 11 storey skyscraper as well as six other high rise apartment blocks.

Hextable Parish Council, Swanley Town Council and Sevenoaks District Council objected to and refused the application, this si the reason it has gone to appeal. The inspector has chosen a public inquiry style hearing, which has similar format to a court hearing. Residents will be allowed to speak at the meeting, if they inform the Planning Inspector they wish to do so at the start of each meeting.

The dates and start tiems for the public inquiry meetings which will be held at the Alexandra Suite, St Mary's Road, Swanley (set by the national Planning Inspector, end time to be confirmed on the day) are:

Tuesday 4th June                                              10am

Wednesday 5th June                                         10am

Wednesday 5th June(evening session)           6.30pm onwards

Thursday 6th June                                             10am

This is your last chance to express your views on the future of the Town Centre. Attending this inquiry will demonstrate the strength of feeling against this development. Don't lose this opportunity to speak.



Swanley Centre Planning Appeal
May 09,2019

An appeal against Sevenoaks District Council’s decision to refuse planning permission to redevelop Swanley Centre will take place in June.

The owners of Swanley Centre, U+I, lodged a planning application in 2017 to demolish the existing centre and replace it with seven tower blocks ranging from three to 11 stories high providing 303 new homes and 4,318 square metres of commercial and retail space.

Sevenoaks District Council’s Development Control Committee had concerns about car parking arrangements, the height, scale and bulk of the proposals, believing they were out-of-keeping with the area, and that no affordable housing was included. The Committee refused the application on 16 November 2017. The following April, U+I appealed against the decision to the Government’s Planning Inspector.

The appeal will take the form of a public inquiry at the Alexandra Suite, St Mary’s Road, Swanley BR8 7BU from 10am on Tuesday 4 June until Friday 7 June 2019. The inquiry will include an evening session on Wednesday 5 June 2019 from 6.30pm. Proceedings are open to the public.

The appeal documents can be viewed at Sevenoaks District Council offices and online at www.sevenoaks.gov.uk by searching for planning application 17/02279.

Further information about planning appeals can be viewed at www.gov.uk/government/collections/taking-part-in-a-planning-listed-building-or-enforcement-appeal

After the appeal has taken place, the decision will be published on the Planning Inspectorate's website https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk


Hextable Parish Council


Name of Candidate

Home Address

Description (if any)

Number of Votes


Lorraine Lesley

128 Claremont Road,

Hextable, BR8 7QT

Hextable Independent





60 Swanley Lane, Swanley, BR8 7JG

Hextable Independent





28 Stuart Close, Hextable, BR8 7LY

Labour Party




Eileen Margaret

21 New Road, Hextable, Kent, BR8


Hextable Independent




Darren Charles

120 Claremont Road,

Hextable, Kent, BR8 7QT

Hextable Independent




Patrick Andrew

92 Claremont Road, Swanley, BR8 7QT

Hextable Independent





11 Squires Field,

Hextable, Kent, BR8 7QY

Hextable Independent




Christine Ann

11 Squires Field, Hextable, Kent, BR8


Hextable Independent




Wayne Robert

18 St David`s Road, Hextable, Kent, BR8 7RT

Hextable Independent




Frances Mary

Lindau, Puddledock

Lane, Hextable, DA2 7QE





Louise Mary

16 Plantation Road,

Hextable, Kent, BR8 7SB

Hextable Independent



Election of District Councillors for Hextable


Name of Candidate

Home Address

Description (if any)

Number of Votes


60 Swanley Lane, Swanley, BR8 7JG

Hextable Independent

540  Elected


(Address in Sevenoaks)

The Conservative Party Candidate


KITCHENER Darren Charles

120 Claremont Road, Hextable, Kent, BR8 7QT

Hextable Independent

687  Elected


2 Southfields, Hextable, Swanley, Kent, BR8 7QX

The Green Party


Richard James

(Address in Sevenoaks)

The Conservative Party Candidate



6 Squires Field, Hextable, Kent, BR8 7QY




Local Plan Information
April 23,2019

Submitted Local Plan & the Impact on Hextable 

The Parish Council is pleased that the submitted version of the Local Plan (which has now been sent by Sevenoaks District Council for assessment by the National Planning Inspectorate) contains none of the Green Belt sites, that had been put forward during the initial Call for Sites initiative have been include.  Getting the plan right, that meets the needs of the development quota in the district, whilst maintaining our important Green Belt land in and around the village is vital - as the final plan will determine Planning Policy for the next 15 – 20 years.  This has only been achieved by consulting carefully and listening to residents, the Parish Council and our local District and Parish Councillors as consultees.

The submissions and the consultation periods are both now closed and there is nothing else that can be done until the plan has been reviewed by the Planning Inspectorate.  The examination of the submitted plan is believed to be completed over the coming months.  When it has been examined and found to be sound, this will form  the future planning framework for Development in our district.  The link below is to a short video which explains the process and in particular, the role of the Planning Inspectorate in the.   

Planning Inspectorate Video - Information on Local Plan


The Local Plan addresses the Government’s requirement to provide up to 14,000 new homes within the plan period in the district.  During summer 2018, there was a long consultation exercise, and as a result, the comments from this process have been considered and used, alongside further technical information, to produce the final draft of the Local Plan called the 'Proposed Submission Version of the Local Plan'.

Along with some other smaller sites, the significant development for Hextable includes 190 units on the former Oasis (Hextable School) site.  As we have reported regularly, one of the important considerations regarding this site is the retention of the Howard Venue, as a strategic and well-used community building and in particular, the Parish Council has made representation to include the provision of adequate parking that will help make this a sustainable facility.

When this document has been reviewed and approved by the National Planning Inspectorate, it will determine what sites can be developed over the coming 20+ years, and will form the planning guidance that will govern all future applications in and around Hextable.  The sites included are:

  • HO106 College Road Nurseries, College Road, Hextable 9 BF 
  • HO212 Egerton Nursery, Egerton Avenue, Hextable 19 BF 
  • HO225 Oasis Academy, Egerton Avenue, Hextable 127 BF
  • HO58 Land west of College Cottages (Saunders), College Road, 16 BF
  • O224 Former Furness School, Rowhill Road, Hextable 124 UC (Urban Confines)

Interactive Local Plan Map 

The link below, provides a useful way to view the sites above – by zooming in to the map, and clicking on each site:


Egerton Nursery – Enforcement Action

On Wednesday 24th April, Sevenoaks District Council Enforcement team, together with Kent Police, carried out a raid on the former Egerton Nursery site and have started to take action on several breeches there. 

The Parish Council was informed formally on Friday 26th April by the Enforcement Officer that action has been taken as a result of recent concerns raised by the Parish Council to the planning department, and from the residents during the recent consultation. 

Temporary Road Closure, Malyons Road, Hextable, fromm 22 May for up to 3 days
April 28,2019

Temporary Road Closure – Malyons Road, Hextable – from 22 May 2019 for up to 3 days

The road will be closed between College Road and number 2. 

The alternative route is via College Road, B258 Main Road/Top Dartford Road, St David’s Road, Claremont Road and vice versa.

The closure is to enable the installation of a water pipe to be carried out by Thames Water Utilities Ltd.

For details of roadworks, please see www.roadworks.org 

Hextable Parish Council - Future of the Parish Complex

It is well known that the parish council has been considering options for the future of the Parish Complex.  The developed site, off Dawson Drive contains four buildings that the parish own, each with different uses and merits.     

The parish council has a duty to ensure that the best use is made of the assets we own, and to consider how the community can benefit from the facilities we have, whilst minimising the financial burden on the tax payer.  

Our recent consultation with residents on some initial ideas for the future of the site, formed the very early stages of this consideration.  The feedback from this exercise will give us some valuable indication as to what the council may decide to do in the future.  The Parish Complex site, and all the council-owned facilities, belong collectively to the community, but the Parish Council manage these on behalf of our residents.  It is therefore essential that we use the feedback to help us in our future decisions.  

It is important to us to ensure that in considering what ever we may do on the Complex site, is of maximum benefit for as many of our residents and user groups as we can, and that there is alternative provision in the community to provide for any users of the existing facilities who may be displaced.  Part of our ambition to improve, and provide sustainable facilities includes the reinvestment of any funds received in the replacement of a permanent pavilion in the park for the many youngsters that use the current dilapidated building.  

The independent research company managing the feedback are working through the responses, and are are on programme to publish their report to be made available for members to review at full council in November, before we make this report available to residents.  

At the last meeting of the council, we resolved to ask our independent research company to compile the report (to be brought to the next council meeting) and for it to be provided to the new elected members of the council in May 2019 when options can be decided.  This is now available to view on the Parish Complex - Your Views page of this website.