Hextable Parish Council

Hextable and Swanley Village W I

Meetings are held at Five Wents Hall at 7.30-10.00pm.  NEW VISITORS are welcome.  Call Liz Davies (01322 613640) for further details.

2018 Events

August 23rd

Arrow Riding School

Flowers: Jean Cross

September 27th 

Silks & Cottons of India
Julia Davies

Flowers: Wendy Alldred

October 25th Insider Job
Flowers: Jean Scawn
Thursday November 1st

Our Quiz
7.30pm Five Wents Hall

November 22nd

Alison Bistro

Flowers: Mary Ivory

December 20th

Christmas Cheer with Chris Randall
Flowers: Pat Gager


2019 Events

January 24th

Three Women, One Man
Melanie Gibson-Barton

Flowers: Pat Gager

February 28th 

The Flemish Weavers in Kent
Fred Lemont

Flowers: Elaine Carpenter

March 28th
Dance on
Join our Celebration

Flowers: Mavis Treen
April 25th

Curiosities of the City of London Part 2
Stuart Robinson

Flowers: Mary Ivory

Saturday May 18th


Open Air Sale
10am - 12pm

May 23rd

Schoolgirls War
Mary Smith

Flowers: Gillian Packham